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Give your opinion and have the chance to win wonderful prizes


A beautiful swimming pool, well maintained toilet facilities or friendly staff on the camp site: you can submit a review for every camp site on GreatLittleCampsites.co.uk.

Great for you, convenient for other campers. You can even win prizes with your reviews! So don’t wait any longer and share your opinion!

3x Leatherman
Worth: € 64,95

1st Prize

5x Nomad backpack
Worth: € 49,95

2st Prize

10x Xstorm Magma Solor
Worth: € 36,99

3nd Prize

Winners 2016

  1. 1st prize:

  2. A. Timmer

  3. 2e prize:

  4. A. Brandstätter

  5. John Parker

  6. Joachim Garrot

  7. Francesco Francissen

Winners ACSI surprise:

  • Rob Feith
  • Inge Smolka
  • Roland Uyttendaele
  • Harry Kortekaas
  • Sven Rieder
  • Thomas Bernard
  • Daniel Buob
  • Renate Pfandler
  • Hanneke Middelkoop
  • Pete Savage
  • John & Pat Clift
  • JGM Kouwenberg
  • Marieke Duijndam
  • Tim Gartside
  • Mike Bourne
  • Toon Bennenbroek
  • W. Nelson
  • Trevor Wilson
  • Ankie Lier
  • Maria Falke
  • J. Wagenmakers
  • Erika van Dongen
  • A. de Graaf
  • Sabine Hilker
  • Lindy de Bruijn

How can I review a campsite?

  1. Search for the campsite you visited on the homepage of Eurocampings.eu
  2. Click on the ‘Reviews’ tab, then click on the ‘Add a review’ button'
  3. You can now fill in a campsite review

Search for your campsite and share your opinion

The rules

Your review will be checked first. After approval it will be showed on our website. When giving your opinion of a camp site on Eurocampings the following rules apply:


  • Information supplied by you is correct to the best of your knowledge
  • Your contribution is objective and contains no offensive language
  • You are not using the opportunities above for commercial purposes.
  • Eurocampings.eu reserves the right to delete or alter contributions in any way without affecting the actual content of the contribution.
  • If you wish to submit a complaint about any opinion you can do so by sending an e-mail from this page.
  • You must have stayed overnight at this camp site and your contribution is honest.
  • You use the name in which you were registered at the camp site
  • References to other camp sites are not permitted.
  • The section opinions / customer evaluation is not to be used for questions or discussions.
  • The opinion you state must be your own and cannot make reference to other opinions.
  • Give clear examples. A clear example is especially important when stating very negative or very positive opinions.
  • Only one evaluation per family or group can be given for a camp site in any one year. If you have visited more camp sites you may evaluate them all.
  • ACSI does not offer a platform for slander campaigns or for starting slander campaigns against campsites. It will not help to solve your complaint and it does not offer any added value for other campers. First, discuss your complaint with the campsite owner or employee. If you want to inform ACSI of a complaint, please use the contact form.


  • The prizes offered are not exchangeable for cash and are not intended for resale
  • The prizes offered are strictly personal and subsequently not transferable
  • The winner will be notified in person and the results will also be published on the website
  • Participation is possible until 31-12-2017
  • No correspondence about the result can be entered into
  • Any instances not covered by these conditions of participation will be decided by the ACSI management
  • The decision of the management is not negotiable
  • By taking part in this campaign the participant is deemed to have consented to the above terms and conditions